Scientific writing

  • Topic Selection

  • Hypothesis formulation

  • Study design

  • Methodology

  • Plagiarism Check

  • Publications support


Statistical Analysis

  • Sample Size Estimation

  • Descriptive Statistics

  • Comparative Statistics

  • Regression and Correlation

  • Time series Modeling

  • Survival Studies

  • Cluster Analysis

  • Machine Learning Classification

Data Analysis

  • EEG data analysis

  • ERP and LORETA

  • Wavelet analysis

  • Fourier analysis

  • Non-linear analysis

  • HRV analysis

types of graphs and charts.jpg

High Resolution Graphics

  • Bar plots,

  • Stem plots,

  • Pie Charts,

  • Heat Maps,

  • Stem plots

  • Rain Cloud plots

  • Formats: .TIF, .JPEG, .PNG

Personalized software for Clinical Practice

With the advent of new knowledge in medical science, doctors can't escape from information overload.. To resolve the issue we are designing customized software for clinical practice on R platform.

Medical calculators for early calculation

Medical Algorithms for better clinical management